Student Council

he function of the student council is to provide a channel of communication between students and professional staff of the building. The student council helps plan and coordinate student activities such as homecoming and dances and in general helps provide positive leadership for the student body.

Senior Class Representatives Junior Class Representatives Sophomore Class Representatives Freshman Class Representatives

Brianna Jewett

Clay Smith

Jenna Beyers

Megan Carey

Berry Moore

Jon Thede

Kayla Beyers

Madi Minnehan


Chloe Berns

Hannah Bundt

Karissa Stephenson 

Katie Minnehan 

Carmyn Paup

Joe Carey

Jordan Joy

Megan Palmer


8th Grade Representatives 7th Grade Representatives 6th Grade Representatives

Autumn Consier

Emma Bevar

Levi Helms


Ava Schilling

Hailey Hoyle

Paige Bryson

Taylor Maach

Aiden Rose

Grace Cullum

Kayla Sturm

Kinnick Steimel

Mario Moreno