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What is the Healthy Kids Act?

The Healthy Kids Act is an Iowa law that establishes nutritional content standards for foods and beverages sold or provided on school grounds during the school day requires every student in grades K-5 has 30 minutes of physical activity per day and every student in grades 6-12 have 120 minutes per week of physical activity requires every student to complete a course that leads to certification in CPR

The nutritional content standards went into effect on July 1, 2010.  Every food or beverage sold to students between the first bell and the last bell must meet the requirements.

Sodas/Carbonated beverages are no longer allowed.

For more information regarding the Healthy Kids Act, go to the Iowa Department of Education website at

Paton Churdan School has approved a “Wellness Policy,” as required by federal legislation. This policy affects some activities related to parties and celebrations in the classrooms, rewards fundraising. In the file folder below you will find the following documents:

  • Team Nutrition Handbook with some suggestions for healthy snacks when providing any food items for classroom parties or birthday celebrations.
  • Chart showing the nutritional content of the foods regularly served at school
  • Copy of the approved school board wellness policy.
  • Note regarding optional snack purchases The monthly school newsletter includes a calendar with daily breakfast and lunch menus for your review. Also included in the monthly newsletter is a bright yellow handout called Nutrition Nuggets with additional information and ideas for healthy snacks.


Lunch & Breakfast Menus

Diet Modification Requst Form

Free/Reduced Lunch Forms                                                            

Free and Reduced Lunch Application Instructions

Free and Reduced Lunch Application

2020-2021 Free and Reduced Lunch Income Eligibility Guidelines

School Fee Waiver Application

Rocket Fuel Pack Program Application