Covid-19 Numbers Update

Date : Mar 29
When : Week of March 29
Time : Now

In order to respect student and staff privacy and still be transparent with our community, rather than sending out an alert for each positive case, we will now be posting a weekly update of our Covid-19 numbers. This will ensure that we are not violating any of the laws associated with individual confidentiality. We will post this information on our website every Monday. The report will mirror the reports given by Iowa Health and County Health. 

Current numbers:

Number of students positive -  19

Number of students recovered - 18


Number of staff positive - 10

Number of staff recovered - 10


Number of staff currently quarantined - 0

Number of students currently quarantined - 6

Please remember that contact tracing will be done by Public Health after each positive case and they will determine if close contact warrants a quarantine. If we have a positive case within the building we will clean and sanitize the areas affected and will reach out to those who are quarantined to set up distance learning opportunities.

Once again, thank you to our community for all of your understanding and support as so many of the things around this situation seem fluid and change.