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The students have not begun working on this season yet, but I know that it will be a great one!

IHSSA Dates for 2016-2017 Speech Season:

January 21- District Large Group Contest 

February 4- State Large Group Contest 

February 18- All-State Festival Large Group Events (Iowa State Center, Ames)

February 25- District Individual Events 

March 11- State Individual Events 

March 27- All-State Festival Individual Events (University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls)



Group Improvisation: Creating and presenting a story that was selected and prepared two minutes prior to the presentation. 

  • Autumn Gannon, Jenna Beyers, and Megan Carey selected the situation "You placed a letter in the corner mailbox and need it back". Their scene consisted of Autumn mailing a letter declaring her love, but needing it back because she put the wrong address on it. Jenna and Megan showed up on the scene and helped her unscrew the mailbox with bobbypins and sorting through the mail, only to find out that the correct address was on the envelope the whole time.
  • The group received a I rating at district contest and will be moving on to State!


Short Film: A presentation of movie/documentary that is no longer than 5 minutes. The film uses lighting and camera techniques to create a visually appealing product.

  • Jenna Beyers, Jack Bryson, Megan Carey, Carter Meseck, Eric Sabus, Clay Smith, and Eric Thompson were the students that made up our Short Film team this year. The students created a movie based around the idea that stereotypes are not always true. The film takes place in the halls of the school, each student is interviewed to discuss their stereotype and what they think of it.
  • The group received a II rating at district contest.